Alaskan Song - Alaskan Cruise

While ALASKAN SONG is a unique and lovely boat, what really makes the charter experience is the crew!

Captain - Pat Sharpe - Pat got his sea legs early in life, growing up on the water in Washington and British Columbia.

Pat was raised in the Pacific Northwest in a boating family. He qualified for his Coast Pat SharpeGuard Masters license in 1982 and has been diving, kayaking, and running boats from Mexico to Alaska and their tributaries ever since. A naturalist and explorer at heart, he brings 10 seasons of experience captaining adventure charters in Southeast Alaska. His previous Alaska Charter experiences include 6 years with the Pacific Catalyst Group captaining both M/V Westward and M/V Catalyst. He also spent 2 seasons captaining the Sea Wolf.

One of Captain Pats favorite expressions about how best to experience adventure in SE Alaska is, Go out and get some on you! This is in keeping with his overall passion about cruising and exploring Alaskan waters and wilderness. There are no better waters to cruise where you get such a variety of mountains, estuaries and marine habitats with such a diverse, pristine ecosystem. I look forward to sharing my favorite places and discovering new ones with the guests aboard Alaskan Song.

Pat is known for his easy manner, quick to laugh. He is a favorite with guests and crew alike. He is constantly looking for the opportunity to experience wildlife, whether in the water or on the land and gets great joy from sharing those experiences with others. He is also very safety-conscious and always makes certain equipment, conditions and procedures are in line, ensuring safety at all times, which allows everyone to relax and have fun! As one fellow Master Captain has said of Pat, He is my most-trusted captain.

Chef - Corinne Gregory Sharpe - As far as she can remember, Corinne has loved food, cooking and serving delicious dishes and meals. Her creativity showed itself at an early age: at age six, she presented her mother with her first-baked birthday cake, frosted in home-colored lavender (grey) frosting, decorated with Chiclets gum and fresh flowers (which, we later learned were not edible, but they were pretty!) By the time she reached 16, she had completely taken over the family meal planning, shopping and cooking and regularly embarked on mastering new cuisines such as Chinese/Mandarin, Mexican, and exploring all manners of pasta dishes in the days when most home cooks only knew of spaghetti and macaroni as noodles.

Since then, Corinne has expanded her abilities and experience. She had had the pleasure of learning and cooking a huge variety of cuisines, -- Thai, Italian, German, and Northwest are among her favorites, -- under a variety of circumstances. She has served as cookbook reviewer and recipe tester for John Howies latest cookbook, Passion and Palate, and has competed on the Nate Berkus Show with Diners, Drive Ins and Dives host Guy Fieri as judge.

She has always had a passion for water and outdoor activities, and grew up in Southern California surfing and sailing. As a yacht chef, she is able to combine two deep loves cooking and the water providing fresh, tasty and unique meals both underway and at anchor. When she is not on the water, in Summer and Fall, you can find her in her land galley or on the deck, harvesting and putting up fruits and vegetables, baking, smoking and grilling, and making homemade flavored vinegars and jams. .


Deckhand/Steward - Mackenzie Price - This Spring, Mackenzie Price joins the crew the Alaskan Song. Mackenzie is no stranger to wild places.

She acquired her degree in Eco-Tourism and Travel from Western Washington University in 2016 and went on to live and work in Denali National Park in Alaska and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Since beginning her professional career in hospitality, Mackenzie has been working on broadening her own travel experiences in order to understand the ins and outs of the travel industry. She has been traveling in the off seasons to the states of Idaho, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and of course, her native Washington State. When not in the United States, she has been venturing off to far off places like Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Panama. She has a long bucket list for visiting other places in the future.

For fun, Mackenzie loves being outdoors and doesn't let the seasons get in her way. She enjoys cycling, hiking/backpacking, kayak/canoeing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, and nature photography.

Mackenzie looks forward to helping make your journey aboard the Alaskan Song a once in a lifetime adventure.




Leave nothing behind but footprints, smiles & good memories

Minimize fossil fuel consumption whenever possible

Support local businesses and artists

Enhance understanding of local environment, culture & traditions

Educate as well as entertain

Fish to eat, and then release the rest to sustain the resources