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The Experience

An Alaska small boat cruise can be the adventure of a lifetime. Alaska is well known for its beautiful scenery and dramatic landscapes and wildlife. However, pictures, videos, and descriptions can't relate how beautiful Alaska really is. It takes a real life close up encounter to feel how breathtaking everything is here.

That is what an Alaska cruise on a small ship can offer. Unlike larger vessels, our yacht cruise ship can get into the smaller bays and areas that offer an intimate close up look at glaciers and wildlife. As a private group, you may be able to spend more time in a particularly idyllic spot that others would miss because there just wasn't time to linger or get close enough.

It's great to see wildlife with binoculars, but it is even more spectacular when you can get close enough to hear the animals as well. Our Alaska yacht charter offers you the opportunity to enjoy many of the amenities of a larger ship and still have the intimate experience of Alaskan travel. On our cruises, our guest often seed see brown bears, sea lions, sea otters, seals, bald eagles, humpback whales and orcas. Another dramatic sights to see is a glacier calving into the ocean.

While no one can guarantee that you will see any one of these things, our experienced captain knows the best places to go to give you a best chance of seeing what you are looking for.

Alaska Private Yacht Cruises

Photo Gallery

Experience an Alaskan cruise through the lens of Captain Richard Friedman. This photo journey, through Southeast Alaska's beauty is just a taste of what you might experience aboard the Alaskan Song.

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Video Gallery 

Enjoy some videos of the guest experience on board Alaskan Song.

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Fishing Alaska

There are five different species of salmon that return to the waters of Southeast Alaska each year. May and June are the best months for hooking a King salmon, while July through September are best for Coho or Silver salmon.

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Whales and Wildlife

The abundance of Alaska's Wildlife is staggering. Close viewing of humpback whales is almost a daily event during our cruises.

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Cruising Area

Southeast Alaska, known on the old British Admiralty Charts as the Alexander Archipelago, is a seemingly endless labyrinth of channels, passages, fjords, bays and straits extending 350 nautical miles north from Ketchikan to Skagway.

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Guest Information

Casual clothing is the norm both on the boat as well as in towns, even in some of the better restaurants. Staying warm, dry and comfortable allows you to maximize the enjoyment of your experience. Layering for warmth is the best approach. If you plan to be outside in windy or rainy conditions, we recommend a long sleeve shirt, sweater and waterproof (not water-resistant) windbreaker and rain pants.

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