When you charter a yacht, there will be amenities available for you on board. However, you will still want to pack important items to make sure you have the use of what you need when you want it. Taking a yacht on the water in Alaska requires knowledge of the weather. It’s cold and wet. Bring long sleeved shirts, sweaters made from something other than cotton, and a waterproof windbreaker. Plan your clothing so that you can dress in layers. Wool is always a better choice because it will retain warmth even when it gets wet.

Make sure that you pack any personal items like toiletries and medications that you might need. These items may or may not be available in ports of call. A good pair of spare glasses is important, too. The saltwater often kicks up a salt mist that can wreak havoc on glass and plastic, so make sure you have an optic cleaning rag.
Just because it is cold much of the time – temperatures top out at 80 degrees F in the hottest part of summer – doesn’t mean that there’s no sun. In fact, there can be as much as 20 hours of sun a day. Bring sunscreen and use it to prevent sunburn. A hat will help keep the sun out of your eyes and reduce glare so you can spot the animals better. If you are taking photos or videos, bring extra memory cards and batteries. There’s a lot to see in Alaska, and you’ll want to see it again when you get back home!

At Alaskan Song Yacht Charters, we take our commitment to you personally. We are dedicated to providing you the best Alaskan cruises now and the future. Our environmental policies are designed to help future generations experience the beauty and wonder of Alaska. Our whole team is here to make sure that you can enjoy what Alaska has to offer now, too. Our experience on the water guarantees that you will get the best experience in Alaska possible for the time of the year that you arrive. Join us for one of our intimate, professional and beautiful cruises along the coast of Alaska. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. Make your reservations now.

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