Alaskan Song - Alaskan Cruise

While ALASKAN SONG is a unique and lovely boat, what really makes the charter experience is the crew!

Captain - Jason Rose - Jason's love of the ocean goes back as far as he can remember. His earliest memories are of driving his grandfather's old skiff around Hood Canal trolling for salmon and tending crab pots.Jason RoseAfter a stint in the army, he attended Western Washington University where he started sailing. He bought a 32 foot sailboat in desperate need of repair spending the next 4 years fixing her up before sailing to Mexico. Over the next 8 years Jason split his time between working on tug boats hauling freight to Western Alaska for 4 months each summer and sailing his boat throughout the South Pacific the other 8 months. He spent time in Mexico, French Polynesia, Nuie, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Kiribati and New Zealand. After 8 years on the move, Jason planned to sail home to Washington. Stopping in Hawaii on his way north, he was enchanted by the Hawaiian people and the aloha spirit that permeates the islands. Rather than continuing on to Washington, he "settled down" into a life of surfing, paddling, hiking and skippering tour and charter boats off Waikiki.

An avid photographer, Jason also shoots professionally specializing in wedding and surf photography. He also volunteers his time providing the media work for Accessurf, a non-profit that gets people with physical or cognitive disabilities in the water and on a surfboard. Jason loves teaching and is looking forward to sharing all the majesty of Alaska with other photography enthusiasts.

Jason has logged over 100,000 sea miles on vessels ranging from his 32' sailboat, to tour catamarans off Waikiki, to tugs in the Bering Sea, to a 4 deck 400 passenger dinner cruise boat. He has transited up and down the Inside Passage to Alaska over 30 times. His experience, passion for history and the natural world, and his tendency to find unique, out of the way places make him an ideal guide for your Alaskan adventure. He has a keen eye for wildlife and his gentle and easy going temperament make everyday an adventure of good relaxing fun!

Chef - Mariah Raftree - Mariah grew up in a small dairy town outside of Chicago, IL. She grew up in a family of farmers and avid gardeners. She can remember the taste of ripe tomatoes and fresh sweet corn as a kid. Eating healthy and local was just what was available. In her 20s she made the move to Bellingham, WA.

There she attended a conference catered by Ciao Thyme, a unique Northwest culinary venue committed to slow food and local sourcing. It was hands down the best food she had ever eaten at an event and it got her wondering where her food came from. She started down a path working in various aspects of sustainable food for the past 15 years. Mariah has managed a food and farm program connecting growers and eaters in the community, helped to launch a creamery and a cured meats facility from inception, served as a board member with the local food coop and was the sales director for a locally sourced poultry feed company.

Mariah loves making good food from scratch and knowing where her ingredients are grown and made. She enjoys sharing with people how amazing food can taste when made from freshly harvested, real ingredients. Her formal culinary education includes Ciao Thyme - In the Kitchen with a focus on scratch cooking with ingredients sourced from local farmers and food artisans, a Mediterranean cooking intensive in Jerusalem, Israel, classes on food preservation techniques with Sandor Katz, The Pantry in Seattle, WA and classes with The Dirty Apron in Vancouver, BC.

Mariah can readily prepare great food from a broad variety of culinary styles as well as accommodate a full range of dietary and nutritional needs. With her passion for making delicious, nutritious food from scratch using the best locally, sustainably produced ingredients, Marian looks forward to sharing her love of nature and great natural food with Alaskan Songs guests.


Steward - Hannah Haupt - In 2019 , Hannah Haupt returns to Alaskan Song for her 4th season as Steward.

She grew up in Sun Valley Idaho, lives in Bellingham, Washington where she is in pre-med studies.

Hannah was an avid skier since being a toddler. In her late teens, she was training in the half pipe event for the Sochi Olympics but unfortunately blew out her knee in the final trials for the US Olympic team. She is currently on the WWU womens crew, rowing in the wee hours nearly every day.

With her easy manner, great work ethic, kind and thoughtful disposition, Hannah will help make your journey aboard the Alaskan Song a once in a lifetime adventure.

Deckhand- Travis Nguyen - In 2019 , Travis Nguyen returns to Alaskan Song for his 2nd season as Deckhand.

Travis was born and raised in Bellingham Washington. He grew up fishing with his father and grandfather.

Travis has worked in food service and spent a season in Southeast Alaska as deckhand on a commercial shrimp boat. He earned his dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Plastics Engineering from Western Washington University. With his formidable computer skills, Travis edits and produces the weekly movie that our guests take home with them after their time with us.

With his love of nature, photography, Alaska and, his cheerful, tireless manner, Travis will help assure great personal service during your time on the Alaskan Song .




Leave nothing behind but footprints, smiles & good memories

Minimize fossil fuel consumption whenever possible

Support local businesses and artists

Enhance understanding of local environment, culture & traditions

Educate as well as entertain

Fish to eat, and then release the rest to sustain the resources