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Southeast Alaska, known on the old British Admiralty Charts as the Alexander Archipelago, is a seemingly endless labyrinth of channels, passages, fjords, bays and straits extending 350 nautical miles north from Ketchikan to Skagway.

The Tongas National Forest, a temperate rain forest with some areas receiving over 100 inches of rainfall each year, makes up 80 percent of Southeast. Towering mountains and breathtaking scenery becomes more and more spectacular as you cruise north past Petersburg to Juneau and Sitka. Tidewater glaciers, protected inside waters teeming with fish, and marine mammals from whales to sea otters await the adventurous-spirited people who visit Alaska.

Alaska Song’s normal cruising grounds extend from Juneau south to Petersburg and west to Sitka. This area, with its spectacular geology and abundant wildlife defines the image many people have of Alaska. At times, cruising these waters, our guests feel like they are in a "National Geographic" nature film. In fact, this is where many filmmakers come to get their best close-up footage of whales and other marine mammals.

The map above shows a red and a blue tracing of our most commonly followed routes. This trip covers approximately 200 nautical miles and gives a great sampling of Alaska’s best in fishing, whale watching, scenery and wildlife. These are just two of a great variety of possible cruises. Another possibility is to travel on the open ocean from Salsbury Sound to Cross Sound. This area is a National Wilderness, gorgeous and infrequently traveled. Your actual itinerary will be based on your interests.

Sample Itinerary

There are several possible routes to take between Juneau and Sitka. After 14 years of delivering remarkable experiences in Southeast Alaska, we find cruises to be most memorable when we are flexible and able to decide on each day's activity and destination based on our guest's preferences, the wildlife and fishing conditions, and the expected weather for the day.

We can provide you a DVD that shows the boat and the kind of experiences you can expect while on board. Additionally, the information you provide on the Guest Information Form tells us which activities you are most interested in so that we can customize your cruise.

For detailed information about the climate in Southeast Alaska, and suggestions on what and how to pack, click here.