Alaskan Song - Alaskan Cruise

Fishing Alaska

There are five different species of salmon that return to the waters of Southeast Alaska each year. May and June are the best months for hooking a King salmon, while July through September are best for Coho or Silver salmon. There are also several species of both sea run and freshwater trout living in Southeast Alaska’s abundant waters.

Alaskan Song is equipped with two 15-foot aluminum skiffs, each sporting a 70-horsepower, four-stroke outboard. They are rigged for fishing and crabbing, and handy for nature excursions into the lagoons and coves. We can hike up to a glacier fed lake and cast for cutthroat trout, or venture out in the skiff.  We also have Crab and Shrimp traps on board to add to your dining pleasure. We provide a full range of rods, many different styles of reels, and bait.