Alaskan Song - Alaskan Cruise


UPDATED 01/22/19


blue = open, red = reserved, green = hold, purple = open cabins 



Bellingham, WA to Juneau, AK OPEN (15% discount) May 5-15
Juneau to Sitka AK OPEN(15% discount) May 17-23
Sitka to Juneau RESERVED May 25-31
Juneau to Sitka OPEN June 2-8
Sitka to Juneau OPEN June 10-16
Juneau to Sitka RESERVED (JC) June 18-24
Sitka to Juneau RESERVED (RCW) June 26-July 2
Juneau to Sitka RESERVED (LB) July 4-10
Sitka to Juneau RESERVED (KH) July 12-18
Juneau to Sitka RESERVED (DW) July 20-26
Sitka to Juneau RESERVED (AV) July 28-Aug 3
Juneau to Sitka OPEN Aug 5-11
Sitka to Juneau OPEN Aug 13-19
Juneau to Sitka OPEN Aug 21-Aug 27
Sitka to Petersburg OPEN Aug 29-Sept 4
Petersburg to Bellingham, WA OPEN (15% discount) Sept 6-17

Weeks on Hold

We understand that it is sometimes necessary to put timeslots on hold during your travel planning. Parties holding a timeslot will receive notice if another party requests that same period. The holding party will then have 48 hours to book and confirm the reservation.

If the on hold timeslot is not secured within 48 hours, it will be released to the next party. Please contact us to determine the status of our "ON HOLD" periods.

** Weeks Available by the Cabin

While we normally book the entire yacht to charter parties of four or more, occasionally we will make a trip available on a per cabin basis. Please call for rates on those cruises. Dates available on a per cabin (double occupancy) basis are shown above in purple lettering

Getting to Alaska

Please note that our trips do not include airfare to and from Alaska. Wherever you are coming from, you will need to arrive in Seattle and then take a flight on Alaska Airlines to Juneau or Sitka. To help you make your flight arrangements you can visit the Alaska Airlines website.